To glorify God through faithful obedience to God’s call on my life, which is (specifically) to preach and teach God’s Word (2 Timothy 4:1-5) and to apply the natural and supernatural gifts He has so graciously provided me (Ephesians 4:7-11) for “the equipping of the saints, for the work of ministry, and for the edifying of the body of Christ” (Ephesians 4:14).

Founder, Bible Teacher, Preacher and Author: 

Recognizing the disparity between the type and content of biblical preaching that men like Charles Spurgeon, Jonathan Edwards, George Whitfield, etc., were known for, and the type and content of preaching emanating from many modern pulpits…and (worse) recognizing the disparity between modern preaching and the Scriptures themselves, I was humbled to be used as God’s instrument to establish CROSSTV and the WORD PICTURES national and international television bible teaching/preaching ministry in 1994, with the intent of emphasizing biblically accurate, doctrinally sound, straight talking, and plain speaking expositional teaching and preaching of God’s Word.

The consequent result of starting this ministry has exceeded all that I asked or imagined.  In fact, since that time, WORD PICTURES has grown to distribution in excess of 80 million potential television households nationally and internationally, and more importantly, it has impacted (and continues to impact) thousands of viewers on a weekly basis.  By God’s grace the WORD PICTURES Series has defied all prior misconceptions that Scripture must be “dumbed down” and/or “gutted of unpleasant topics” such as sin, repentance, self-denial, etc., in order to be “well received”. 


My undergraduate work consisted of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Bryant College, Smithfield, RI (1977-1981), and some graduate work at Western New England College, Springfield, MA and Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL.

My initial formal Theological education came in the form of graduating from Calvary Chapel’s Bible College (1990-1994). As I have come to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and mature in faith and doctrine, God was pleased to allow me the time and opportunity to independently study His Word (through the writings and teachings and commentaries of men such as Augustine, Calvin, Martin Lloyd-Jones, Knox, Matthew Henry, Jonathan Edwards, Martin Luther, George Whitfield, etc) 30-40 hours per week, for a period in excess of 15 years. Subjects studied on a seminary level include, but are not limited to:


Prayer Hermeneutics OT Studies NT Studies
History/Culture of the Bible Archaeology Prophecy Apologetics
Proverbs Psalms Christology Attributes of God
Systematic Theology  The Gospels The Epistles Homiletics
Eschatology Greek/Hebrew History of the Church History of the Reformation
Biographies of Godly Saints Cults Sotierology The Puritans
Evangelism Missions Worship & Music Pastoral Counseling
Church Administration Marriage/Family Issues Sermons Commentaries
Sovereignty of God/Doctrines of Grace 

Though I would not always recommend independent study as the ideal, “ordinary” course to obtain ones Theological training, in light of the substantially less time most men heading for the ministry spend in theological training (typically 2-6 years), and in light of the reality that Seminaries and Universities are increasingly becoming more and more liberal, sectarian, and incomprehensive in their curriculum, and in light of the opportunity I have had, in that time, to cover a substantively greater scope, depth and breadth of study, I (in hind-sight) am grateful to God for His kind Providence in numbering me with those throughout church history who were self-taught/ “taught of God” by  the grace of the Holy Spirit.  As Charles Bridges states: “Without minimizing the value of a formal, seminary education in certain instances, we doubt not but that the true Christian Minister will be best furnished, and esteems at far higher value, that learning which he obtained ‘in the secret place of the Most High’!”.