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AUTHENTICITY OF THE BIBLE - Proving The Bible Through Archaeology
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Shrouded in mystery... guarded in time... preserved by God... unearthed by man. If it sounds as good as "Raiders of the Lost Ark", it's even better! There's a certain fascination we all have about archaeology: the task of digging up ancient artifacts. This program digs into the growing avalanche of archaeological evidence that helps prove that the Bible.. and ONLY the Bible.. is trustworthy as God's very Own Word.

In this century alone, some of the most startling Biblical finds have been uncovered by secular scientists, and even ordinary people! We believe that if you have doubts about the historical validity of the Bible, you won't after viewing this program. And because we needed to prove the Authenticity of the Bible in both historical AND supernatural terms, this show and the one below are essential to laying that groundwork.

Presented by: Grant Goodeve

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As we were saying... when we considered creating an in-depth Bible study series, we wanted to first establish that the Bible REALLY IS God's Word. Watertight evidence of that is the hundreds of specific, historically documented prophecies written in the 66 books of the Bible.. and the steady fulfillment of each and every prophecy throughout the ages since they were written. It has been stated that if we excluded every prophecy except for those about the birth of Jesus, the chances of just those prophecies being fulfilled ALONE would be VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE. This program, along with its sister programs on archaeological and historical evidence, gives the proof that only God Himself could have written the Bible.

Presented by: David Jeremiah

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Josh McDowell is regarded by most Christians and theologians as one of the most effective apologetics speakers around. When McDowell published his first powerful defense of the Bible in his book, "The Evidence That Demands A Verdict," it became a national bestseller within a matter of months. McDowell's writings contained a body of undeniable evidence on the validity of Holy Scripture. More recently McDowell has added even more solid information to his thesis, and, to the dismay of agnostics and atheists, made the validity of the Bible even MORE undeniable. This is the special television version of that powerful information presented by McDowell himself.

Written and Presented by: Josh McDowell

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Do you know someone who constantly asks questions like "Do you really believe in Hell?" and "Where did Cain get his wife?" Don't you often wish you could answer their questions effectively and factually, without getting exasperated?

It sounded like a good basis for a Word Picture - specifically, a Word Picture featuring Pastor Ray Comfort. It addresses twenty life issues and frequently asked questions whose answers can be found in the Bible. It is a great introductory program to some of the most common objections about God and/or Christianity...answered in an insightful, unique, and often humorous way.

Presented by: Ray Comfort

(2 Parts)   WP0014
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The Bible says Satan is the "father of lies". And he's very good at it. One of his best lies, in fact, is the lie that living creatures evolved from one species to another. 

It is a lie so filled with holes that one well-known pastor has said, quite accurately, that "it takes more faith to believe in evolution than it takes to believe in creation"! Using solid, renowned researchers, this two-hour program explodes the myth and exposes the fraud surrounding one of the most widely accepted scams in modern history.

Presented by: Janet Folger

(3 Parts)   WP0043
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Do Evangelical Christians really believe 'good' people go to Hell, just because they don't believe in Jesus?". "Who says gay marriage, and/or abortion (or other moral issues) are wrong?". "Do Christians really believe God puts the President (and/or other world leaders) in office?".

Have you ever been confronted with questions such as these (and others like them)? In our current socio-political environment, they're coming up more and more. And God has given ALL Christians a mandate (in 1 Peter 3:15) to "Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give a reason for the hope that you have."

This 3-part series will equip you to respond biblically to the five most commonly asked, contemporary questions of our day.

Presented by: Mark Kielar