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(3 Parts)   WP0032
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Heaven. Do you ever wonder what it will be like?

 With the capacity to bless and encourage all sincere believers, the subject of Heaven is one that is far too often mis-portrayed with wild, imaginative speculation.

For this reason, this series is designed to take a Biblical view, a glimpse if you will, to provide a true and accurate description of what heaven will really be like.

Presented by: Mark Kielar

(4 Parts)   WP0033
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Eternal Hell. A very “hard to swallow” doctrine that often has many objections, even from well meaning Christians, calling into question the character of God and the fairness of eternal punishment.

With that in mind, this series is designed to help those who struggle with its reality by providing a biblically true and accurate view of why Hell exists and what it will really be like.

Presented by: Mark Kielar

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Chances are you've had many "wake-up calls".. but you'll never get one as important as this. This is a teaching based on a sermon by the legendary John Wesley, whose unequalled command of the Bible is evident in hundreds of his works. 

And it's written for all of you who are caught up in the stock market, making money, dating, your favorite sport - or ANYTHING else in your life that comes before God. In this message, Wesley sounds the spiritual "alarm clock" for everyone who needs to be woken up from their spiritual sleep.

Presented by: David Jeremiah

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If most people were honest with themselves, they would readily admit that they are a "sinner". And because they're in the company of millions of other "sinners".. many would also admit that they find comfort in the concept that "nobody's perfect".

Until they realize how the God of the Bible, the "Just Judge", sees sin. This program explains God's sober Truth about sin and its eternal consequences. The teaching, written by the man most would consider to be the greatest theologian in American history (Jonathan Edwards), has been described as the sermon that was largely responsible for the "Great (spiritual) Awakening" that America experienced in the 1600's. 

Presented by: Mac McConnell

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There is a certain fascination with the U.S. justice system. Remember the bloody gloves? The Bruno Magli shoes? Judge Ito? In short: America loves a good trial.

But it is one thing to go before a human judge, and quite another to be judged by Almighty GOD. The intense subject matter of this program helps non-believers see how God judges their lives by putting them in HIS courtroom and showing them HIS standards. 

It is based on a sermon written by the great preacher Charles H. Spurgeon, known for his mastery of God's Word, his compelling style, and his skillful use of illustrations. Startling but honest, it explains why NO ONE gets to heaven by earning it with their "good works." 

Presented by: David Jeremiah