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(14 Parts)   WP0048
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Pilgrim’s Progress is the nationally acclaimed and loved spiritual allegory written in 1628 by the brilliant author John Bunyan. Having sold more copies than any other book in history (second only to the Bible), Pilgrim’s Progress has, for the first time, been brought to life in this 16-part docudrama, shot on location in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Presented by: Mark Kielar

THE BIRTH OF A KING Christmas Special
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How many times have you stopped during the most stressful, hectic, expensive, tradition-bound time of the year and asked yourself: "WHY AM I DOING THIS AGAIN?" While many Christians breathed a sigh of relief when someone recently coined the phrase "Jesus is the reason for the season"... the Bible reveals that the COMPLETE Christmas story starts LONG before that night in Bethlehem.

And though we eventually DO arrive there in this show, this Christmas story starts somewhere else; namely, the Garden of Eden. Using stunning locations, this program helps explain the significance of the original sin as it relates to the arrival of God's precious Son, complete with practical life applications for Christians... AND non-believers. (Definitely NOT your typical "Christmas special".)

Presented by: Grant Goodeve, David Jeremiah

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The fellowship of sharing in His suffering." "...he humbled himself and became obedient to death." As far as the Scriptures that Christians love to quote and live by... these are definitely not the most popular! Yet throughout the ages, millions of faithful Believers HAVE embraced persecution, suffering and death for their Savior.

In 21st century jargon, thanks to a best-selling book by the same name, they have become known as "Jesus Freaks." We adopted the title for this must-see show, which features rarely re-told stories of past and present martyrs in the faith, using stunningly realistic re-enactments, and music from "DC Talk". 

Presented by: Grant Goodeve

(4 Parts)   WP0015
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We know what some of you are already thinking. "Selling their souls? Come ON now." But this gripping documentary shows some of rock and roll's most celebrated artists - including Lennon, Morrison and Jagger - speaking about their ties to the occult, IN THEIR OWN WORDS. The content of this 4-hour series, chronicling the modern music industry's ties to the occult over the past 75 years, has made it one of our most widely requested programs. Written in part (and narrated) by pastor, researcher, and former hard rock musician Joe Shimmel, it is an alarming spiritual awakening for ANYONE who wants to know how violence, sexual immorality and blasphemy have been able to completely infiltrate the powerful, billion-dollar music business... AND the hearts and minds of those who listen to it!

Presented by: Grant Goodeve

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What really happened in Jerusalem on that "first day of the week" more than 2,000 years ago. Did a man named Jesus of Nazareth really rise from the dead? This program explores the five most "popular" theories of what actually occurred on that fateful day, and proves that only one of the theories can be (and is) true

There are a lot of "doubting Thomas'" out there…but the fact is: IF it is true, that Jesus Christ rose bodily from the dead, then the claims of Christianity are forever vindicated. If (on the other hand) the resurrection did not occur, then (as the Apostle Paul wrote), then Christians "are to be pitied more than all men".

Presented by: Mark Kielar

(6 Parts)   WP0041
* This title is included in the True Christian's Love for the Unseen Christ *
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Few activities in christian life garner as much grace and power as PRAYER. But, unfortunately, few subjects are more MISUNDERSTOOD as prayer!

That is why this series is dedicated to explaining:

  • How to pray.
  • Why biblical prayer can bring the power and grace of the holy spirit into your life.
  • The hindrances to prayer.
  • What kind of prayer God promises to answer.
  • This series is a foundational "must" for any christian.
Presented by: Mark Kielar

(2 Parts)   WP0044
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When disasters strike, it's natural to feel a mixture of various degrees of shock, fear, confusion, anxiety, depression, grief, sadness and/or even hopelessness. There is a sudden awareness that life has changed, perhaps irreparably, and permanently.

And while there are the immediate, more pressing concerns of food, clothing and shelter to be dealt with, there are two, vital questions, (fundamental to our humanity), that consistently and universally arise in the aftermath of all disasters and that eventually rise above the din of all the rest that is happening to us, and around us. And those two questions are: 1) Why did this disaster happen? And... 2) What should I do next? This series addresses six biblical reasons as to WHY disasters happen and the necessary scriptural responses that will equip the Christian for understanding and sharing the answers to those two fundamental questions.

Presented by: Mark Kielar