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(16 Parts)   WP0031
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You've heard the "Calvinist vs. Arminianist" debates. You've heard that Calvinists and Arminianists could never agree…or that these issues are unresolvable. But if you're still in a state of frustration and/or confusion over this issue, you've definitely never seen the WORD PICTURES series, "The Sovereignty of God".

This 16 part special series "connects the dots" on one of the most challenging doctrinal areas found in scripture. And it biblically, concisely and clearly resolves the major paradoxes and questions swirling around the doctrines of Predestinations and God's Sovereign Will. Paradox's and questions like:

  • If God elects only some people to eternal life, how can He love all people?
  • If God is sovereign, does that make Him the author of sin?
  • How do you reconcile all of the paradoxical passages about God's sovereign will on the one hand, and man's "free" will on the other?
  • Does God predestine men to hell?
  • Is God's grace resistible?
  • Just how "total" IS man's "total depravity"?
This is one of those doctrines that is foundational to a true and proper understanding of biblical Christianity. But, unfortunately, it has "slipped off the radar screen" in most modern churches today. OR it has been so badly misinterpreted, that it is hardly recognizable as a biblical doctrine.

Don't be misled on this vital subject! And don't let the Spirit of the Age convince you that this is a "side" issue, or for "theologians only". It is a doctrine that (depending on where you stand on it) will affect virtually every other aspect of your walk with Christ…from your evangelism, to your prayer life, to your faith and obedience.

So don't presume you've heard "both sides" of the argument. Most versions billing themselves today as either "Calvinism" or "Arminianism" ARE NOT BIBLICAL, and do not give an accurate assessment of the opposing position, OR biblical truth! And yet, an accurate understanding of this foundational truth will change and impact your walk with the Lord forever.

Presented by: Mark Kielar

(18 Parts)   WP0045
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It is incredibly easy for Christians today to become “distracted” and to find themselves (ironically) neglecting the one thing that is most needed in our lives: fostering and nurturing our love relationship with Jesus, our Lord and King and Groom! Like any other relationship, our relationship with Jesus needs time. 

The time to grow, to simply develop and blossom, time to stop and reflect upon the joys and beauties of who He is, and what He means to us. That’s exactly what this series is designed to do! We emphasize stealing away time from the worries and opportunities of life and just spending that time on “the one thing needed”…that “which is better” …spending quality time drinking in His awe-inspiring attributes!

Presented by: Mark Kielar